"Two thirds of the way, lies before the threshold. "
-Arabic Proverb

Course Start Dates and Schedules

 All Courses are offered with a rolling admissions policy.   Students may register for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to  24 weeks of study.

Except for complete beginners, student levels are determined via written and oral placement tests administered on the first day of classes.  Group courses are available in all proficiency levels at every start date and private courses are also available to suit individual study goals.

Start Dates

2015 Jan - Mar Apr - Jun Jul - Sep Oct - Dec
29-Dec-14 * 06-Apr-15 13-Jul-15 * 05-Oct-15 *
12-Jan-15 20-Apr-15* 27-Jul-15 19-Oct-15
26-Jan-15 * 04-May-15 10-Aug-15 * 02-Nov-15 *
09-Feb-15 18-May-15 * 24-Aug-15 16-Nov-15
23-Feb-15 * 01-Jun-15 07-Sep-15 * 30-Nov-15 *
09-Mar-15 15-Jun-15 * 21-Sep-15 14-Dec-15
23-Mar-15* 29-Jun-15 28-Dec-15 *

Note: Complete beginners may only start on dates marked with an asterisk (*). Others may start on any date.

2015 Holidays:  01 Jan, 03 Jan, 11 Jan, 01 May, 18-19 July, 30 July, 14 Aug, 20-21 Aug, 23-24 Sep, 13 Oct, 06 Nov, 18 Nov

Course week
Classes take place from Monday to Friday.  For residence and host family accommodations, please plan to check-in on the Sunday before your course start date and check-out on the Saturday following your course end date.

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