Grants and Financial Aid
"Two-thirds of the way lies before the threshold. "
- Arabic Proverb

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Promotions, Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid

Qalam wa Lawh Discounts and Scholarships:

Allumni Discount 15% off all tuition and housing (excluding homestays) for all returning students
Group Discount 15% off tuition and housing (excluding homestays) for all groups of 4 or more students
Longterm Study Discount 10% off all tuitions for durations longer than 8 weeks
Ibn Battuta Scholarships

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Outside Funding For Arabic Study:

U.S. federal government and other scholarship funds, including but not limited to FLAS, SSRC and NSEP grants, can be applied to the cost of study at Qalam wa Lawh. For Fulbright, FLAS, SSRC and NSEP funds, students must apply through the university at which they are enrolled. For further information on these and other funding options, please consult your university department or financial aid office.  For funds to be available for study at Qalam, students should commence the paperwork for funding at least 6 months prior to the date of anticipated enrollment. 

Grant Name Administered By: External Link
Boren US NSEP ExternalLinkIcon.gifBoren grant details
FLAS US ED ExternalLinkIcon.gifFLAS grant details
CLEA Fulbright ExternalLinkIcon.gifCLEA grant details
SSRC Social Science Research Council ExternalLinkIcon.gifSSRC grant details

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