"Two-thirds of the way lies before the threshold. "
- Arabic Proverb

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Enrollment Process

In order to register for a course at Qalam wa Lawh, you must complete the following steps:

   1.  Download the registration packet:

   2.  Complete the forms and return them to the school via:

   3.  Once your forms are received, and availability has been verified, you will be sent a registration confirmation as well as your student handbook.

   4.  There are no registration fees or deposits required.  All payments are due by the first day of courses.  We accept bank transfers, debit and credit cards (visa, Mastercard, and Discover),  as well as cash (all major  currencies).

  5. Please review and agree to the [booking conditions] before enrolling in the program

   If you have any questions about our forms or registration process, email them to   

You can also reach school administration by phone 8:30am-08:30pm (GMT) Monday-Friday by calling  212 (537) 75-57-90


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