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Cultural activities

Our educational workshops seek to provide the opportunity for learners ages 5 and up to discover their artistic abilities and talents within the field of calligraphy - an important part

of our artistic heritage

Qalam wa Lawh offers calligraphy workshops year-round for groups or individuals interested in perfecting their Arabic writing and practicing some of the basics of Arabic calligraphy. Qalam offers two types of workshops:

1. On-site adult workshops - Students can reserve a workshop as a group or come individually to an hour-long organized class at Qalam wa Lawh with one of our calligraphy professionals. Students have the choice of courses either Tuesday OR Thursday at 16:00.

2. Off-site school workshops- Groups or schools can also schedule a visit from one of our professionals to conduct workshops at their institution. These visits include one 90-minute session per week for a period of one month. 

Through the use of different Arabic fonts and professional calligraphy materials, the workshops introduce students to the beauty of Arabic calligraphy in a fun and energetic environment. Additionally, the practice of and focus on writing improves students' writing in a general sense, while the discussion of Arabic calligraphy throughout the ages provides a cultural and historical backdrop like no other.

Cost per student: 200 DH per month, plus a one-time fee of 200 DH for the calligraphy materials

What are the benefits of this program?


• Students gain writing skills
• Students improve their writing level

• Students practice with models of different Arabic fonts
• Students practice patience, perseverance and cooperation

Art and Creativity

• Students learn from previous works of art 
• Students produce their own works of art

• Students use all Arabic fonts in a variety of art


• Students learn about Arabic calligraphy and
its cultural heritage as part of the Arab-Islamic identity

• Students learn the history of Arabic calligraphy and
its development and changes over time.

For more information or to sign up for a class, please contact us by email at or by phone at (+212) (0) 5 37 68 38 66.

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