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Qalam wa Lawh is centrally located in the bustling urban neighborhood of Agdal. With fifteen classrooms, conference rooms, on-site student residence, a library, and a cafe/restaurant, the school is also within close proximity to all of Qalam’s off-campus housing, as well. Mere minutes from local shops, restaurants, and public transportation, the Center provides a convenient location for students to both study and live. 


The classrooms at Qalam offer state-of-the-art learning opportunities in spacious, sunny environments. Varying in size for a range of different types of programs, classes can utilize white boards, projectors, and speaker systems. 

Classrooms are used for private lessons, group courses, workshops, and semester programs. Conference rooms are used for meetings, as well as guest lectures and group discussion sessions. 


Groups in need of extra space can additionally rent a classroom during their time at Qalam.

For more information, please contact


Student Residence 

With the capacity to host dozens of students, Qalam wa Lawh’s on-campus student residence offers single, double, and triple rooms. Each set of rooms includes a spacious bathroom, and a furnished kitchen can be found on each floor of the residence halls. ​Learn more about Qalam's housing options on the Accommodations page.


Qalam Café and Restaurant* offer meals and snacks throughout the day. With assortments of Moroccan breads for breakfast and a traditional Moroccan dish of the day for lunch, the cafeteria and adjoining terrace are a perfect place for students to relax and grab something to eat. The café is serves snacks and drinks all day long, keeping students energized through a coffee or tea break, Moroccan pastries, or assortment of mixed fruit juices! 


Check out an excerpt from our menu!

*Qalam wa Lawh's Cafeteria is vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free friendly. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, indicate them on your registration form and you will be accommodated.



Rooftop Terrace

Like many buildings in Morocco, Qalam has converted its rooftop into a terrace area for studying, parties, and general student use! Particularly in the summer months, you can find students doing their Arabic homework together or enjoying lunch or coffee with a beautiful view of Rabat. Qalam also hosts many of its graduation parties on the terrace, when the weather permits. 

Take a Closer Look 

Get a closer look at some of the best sites in Rabat and the best parts about studying Arabic at Qalam wa Lawh by watching the video below! 

22 Ave. Omar Ibn Alkhattab,

Agdal Rabat, Morocco 

Phone : +212 537-68 38 66

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Qalam rooftop terrace

From Qalam's terrace, a view of the city of Rabat