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Arabic class


Here at Qalam wa Lawh, we want students to thrive in their Arabic skills. That's why we offer five multi-level Arabic courses to fit every student's needs. However, we also find it important to
focus on the cultural aspect of a study abroad experience, and so we also offer Area Studies courses for students who seek to supplement their educational experience at Qalam wa Lawh.


Arabic Courses

At Qalam wa Lawh, we offer all types of Arabic courses for different types of language learners. In addition to the year-round Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic language courses, we also offer Media Arabic, Arabic Literature, and other specialized language courses for those seeking a specific types of Arabic learning.  


Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the standardized literary Arabic understood throughout the Arab speaking world.  It is a modernized version of Classical Arabic, which is the language from which all Arab dialects get their roots. | More details >>


Moroccan Arabic

Moroccan Arabic, also known as "darija," is the spoken dialect of Morocco.  Moroccan Arabic is grammatically simpler and has a less voluminous vocabulary than Modern Standard Arabic.  There are six courses in Moroccan Arabic. | More details >>


Media Arabic

A course focusing on Arabic used in journalism and media. Primarily communicative, courses sources include newspapers, magazines, and international blogs. | More details >>


Arabic Literature

A course focusing on Arabic literature; from pre-islamic poetry to contemporary works of fiction.

| More details >>


Classical Arabic

A course focusing on the grammar and vocabulary necessary to comprehend the content of the Arabic Qu'ran and other Islamic texts.| More details >>

Diplomatic Arabic

During these courses, Arabic teachers prepare students both socially and politically through specialized and targeted Arabic practice. | More details >>

Business Arabic

Qalam’s Business Arabic program helps students learn important business terminology and skills necessary for their continued success in working in the Arab world. | More details >>

Area Study Courses

Area Study Courses are typically for students taking part in our Semester Program. These classes can be used for academic credit, as well. Learn more about these courses on the Area Studies page

Gender and Society in Morocco (SOC)

As a Sociology course, this class examines the ways the Moroccan society impacts and is impacted by gender in the modern world.

Political Systems in the Maghreb (POL)

This course studies not only politics in Morocco, but many of its neighboring countries, as well as the influence of colonial and international interests, Berberism, Arab-Nationalism and Islamism.

Contemporary History of Morocco and North Africa (HIST)

This history course contains an in-depth look at 19th and 20th century Moroccan history and the ways in which Morocco interacts with and has interacted with the rest of the world.

Introduction to Islamic Finance (FIN)

Introduction to Islamic Finance provides a first glance into the interesting and complex world of Islamic rules of money.

Sufis, Saints, and Salafis: Islam and Modernity in North Africa (REL)

One of our most popular courses, this religious studies course will discuss Islam, paganism, and Sufism, as well as the intersection of all three.

Arabic Calligraphy (Levels I and II)

Any interest in learning Arabic calligraphy? Now is your chance! Take this class to impress your classmates, as well as yourself, and improve your Arabic writing along the way.

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