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Moroccan families love Qalam student
Host family
Host family
Host Family in Rabat, Morocco
Host Family in Rabat, Morocco
Host Family in Rabat, Morocco
Host Family in Rabat, Morocco

Staying with a Moroccan host family is a wonderful way to use new and emerging Arabic communication skills in an authentic language environment. Your Moroccan host family will

be happy to introduce you to Moroccan family culture.

Moroccan Host Families

Moroccans are especially warm and inviting hosts. They love sharing all their home and food with their guests.
If you choose to stay with a host family, you will have your own room with a door that locks, however, you will be expected to spend some time with the family so this may not be ideal for students who are very introverted, private or unwilling to compromise any of their autonomy.

Most host families do have wifi, but this is not guaranteed. It is possible to get 4G service for your personal devices if your host family does not have internet.

Host families serve breakfast and dinner every day. They are located throughout the city of Rabat, usually only 5-10 minutes away from Qalam wa lawh Center.

Qalam wa Lawh offers a network of over 150 experienced and enthusiastic host families throughout the city of Rabat. We are excited to find the perfect host family for you!


Become a Host Family

Choosing host families is a responsibility Qalam wa Lawh takes very seriously. A host family acts as a gateway to Moroccan culture, welcoming a student into their home and introducing them to Moroccan food and traditions. For this reason, Qalam wa Lawh's host family process is important and all families are vetted before they can participate.

If you would like to apply to become a host family, you can begin the process here:


Host Family Requirements

- a private room (single or double occupancy) with bedroom furniture, including a desk

- Wi-Fi connection

- a clean and well-equipped home

- close to Qalam wa Lawh Center


If your home meets all these requirements, download this form, fill it out, and bring it to the Housing Coordinator at Qalam wa Lawh. She will discuss with you the next steps.

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