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Academic Partner: University of Wisconsin

Qalam wa Lawh is pleased to host the University of Wisconsin French language study abroad program in Rabat. This unique partnership allows UW students, accompanied by their professors, to learn French and experience a vibrant mix of Arabic and European cultures.

This 3-week summer program in Rabat, Morocco, combines intensive study of French language along with the exploration of the political, cultural, and historical perspectives of Morocco, North Africa, and the French language and culture presence in this country and region. In addition to daily French language classes, students will have the opportunity to explore contemporary Moroccan society and culture through organized excursions both in Rabat as well as other Moroccan cities.

The program is hosted at Qalam wa Lawh's new Center for Modern Languages (CML). CML is Rabat's largest dedicated language center offering year-around immersion language programs.

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