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Arabic Language Café: A Culture of Environmental Protection

Students working to protect the environment

Arabic Language Cafe

29 August 2019

A Culture of Environmental Protection

Environmental culture refers to an individual's cognitive and emotional behaviors through which he can interact with the environment positively, making the task of protecting the environment the responsibility of everyone in society. The problem of the environment is the result of the rapid development witnessed by mankind in the twentieth century as is known, the consequences of the industrial revolution, the growth of cities, as well as the race in the field of military industries, chemical weapons, nuclear reactors, etc. For these reasons, wise people have sounded the alarm, alerting us that this man-made imbalance threatens life on our small planet. Do we have a culture that protects the environment?

At the Arabic Language Café, we will discuss this subject using the following thinking points:

- The degree of awareness of the culture of environmental protection and the current state of the planet

- Various authorities responsible for spreading the culture of environmental protection

- How to spread environmental culture and the results of this culture for the individual and society

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.

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