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Arabic Language Café: Childhood and its role in building personality

21 November 2019

Childhood is considered an important and pliable period of human life, which psychologists describe as a very sensitive period because young people develop the habits that remain inherent throughout the entire life. For this reason, scientists call childhood the formative period, during which intelligence is determined as a balanced and integrated force that achieves itself in the future.

The importance of childhood is summed up in the acquisition of different habits and values ​​during this time. If someone acquires bad habits and bad morals, it is a result of the society in which he grew up. However, this does not mean that someone cannot unlearn bad habits or morals once he grows up –everything is re-formable if there is the will and determination to do so. We will discuss this subject through the following concepts:

- The importance of childhood in the life of the child

- Motivations that contribute to building a balanced child

- The effect of a balanced upbringing on the process of forming a child's personality

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.

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