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Arabic Language Café: The Role of Art in Resisting Occupation

26 September 2019

Since ancient times, the arts have been an important means of expressing the internal human potentials, and has reached a degree that allows people to express certain positions through their art - including political positions. Some artists have been subjected to penalties for their artistic creations, writing, drawing or songs.

The topics of this type of art are typically about the homeland, suffering, the necessity of resisting the occupier, addressing the toiling classes, and other subjects often absent in the official Arab media.

This week’s Arabic Language Café will discuss this concept through the following talking points:

- The role of art in the resistance and the expression of political positions

- Reasons for fear of expression and repression of artistic freedoms

- The reality of art in the current era

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.

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