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Ramadan Iftar at the Arabic Language Cafe

Ramadan Mubarak from Qalam wa Lawh! Check out the video below to see our students enjoying Iftar at the Arabic Language Cafe last week!

During this Ramadan holiday season, students and locals alike join us at the Arabic Language Cafe for free Iftar and riveting discussions.

The Arabic Language Cafe is a fun way for students to practice their communication skills and meet people from all over Morocco. Everyone is invited on Thursday evenings to join us for the discussions, and during Ramadan, we provide the Iftar! There will be traditional Moroccan harira, dates, chebekia, orange juice, and more!

Discussion topics during this month include: Fasting: Between Religion and Culture Culture of Solidarity in Moroccan Society Fasting and Health The Role of the Family in Raising Children

To learn more about spending Ramadan at Qalam wa Lawh, check out our Ramadan blog post.