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Traditional Dutch Apple Pie and Moroccan Culture: How Sweet is Too Sweet?

Arabic students served Appeltaart at the Arabic Language Cafe

Moroccans are certainly no strangers to sweetness. From sugary mint tea to raisin-topped couscous to beef and prune tajine, Moroccan cooking uses plenty of sugar. But perhaps a sweet tooth can sometimes be influenced by the foods and cultures we are accustomed to.

Last week, members of Qalam's Cooking Club (نادي الطبخ) made a traditional Dutch apple pie as part of their long-term project ثقافة وطن عبر أطباقه , or "Cultures through Dishes." Members of the Cooking Club are students passionate about cooking and food culture who are eager to share their culinary talents with others, and this specific project allows students from all over the world prepare and present dishes from their home country through a variety of different themes. Each part of the project includes a cooking workshop, as well as a presentation about the culture that may include music, traditional dress, and other cultural elements. (See another example of this project on