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Update on coronavirus in Morocco

The Moroccan health minister reported the first case of coronavirus in Morocco. The minister reported the virus was detected in a Moroccan man living in Italy who had returned to his home country (Watch full interview). The man is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Casablanca, and his situation is not critical.

Local Meaures to prepare for Coronavirus

As morocco and the international community continue to address the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) at national and global levels. Qalam wa Lawh has also been monitoring this concern locally in collaboration with local health officials.

in addition, Qalam wa Lawh is proactively managing the indirect impacts that COVID-19 may have on our programs. We are taking measures to plan for how the situation may affect the entirety of the institution in areas including public health, campus management, planned travel, student enrollment, and the overall well-being of the school’s community members.

We remind our students and staff to remain calm but informed. Please continue to monitor the situation closely and take reasonable precautions to protect your health and well-being.

The following are some useful resources for updates.

For news and updates from Qalam wa Lawh, please follow our updates frequently on

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