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Studying abroad in Morocco is an opportunity to discover, experiment, and gain a first-hand insight into Arab and North African culture and society as it evolves and shapes today's events. Qalam wa Lawh Center in Rabat Morocco offers semester, summer, and winter study abroad programs. 

Morocco ("Al Maghreb" المغرب ) is a modernizing Arab country with a rich, authentic, and diverse culture and a history that spans over a thousand years.  Morocco is the meeting place for Arab, African, Mediterranean, and European influences.  Moroccan people, infamous for their openness and hospitality, love sharing their language and culture and welcome visitors with an open heart and an open mind. 


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Study Abroad


Study abroad program highlights

Students around the world dream of studying abroad in a foreign country. Many students are searching for the opportunity to travel and see the world, as well as getting a taste of a culture different than their own. Through their programs, these students experience some of the greatest benefits of studying abroad, including language and cultural immersion, development of new interests and activities, and the ability to make new, lifelong friends from all over the world. 


The study abroad programs at Qalam wa Lawh emphasize these study abroad advantages by providing the students with the opportunity to get the full study abroad in Morocco experience. 


Full immersion experience

As with any study abroad program, one of the most important components is an immersion into the local language and culture. Immersion not only helps students grow as global citizens and provides them with the opportunity for personal development and independence, it also dramatically increases the likelihood of language learning and higher retention rates. 


At Qalam wa Lawh, students become entirely immersed in the language through Intensive and Semi-Intensive courses and experience full immersion by living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Students can spend their lunch hour exploring the winding streets of the old medina, try their hand at Arabic bargaining at the local market, and join Qalam’s weekend trips to experience more of this beautiful kingdom first-hand. 


Flexibility and adaptability 

An essential element of Qalam wa Lawh’s philosophy is the ability to provide study abroad experiences for students with all types of different needs. The staff at Qalam wa Lawh pride themselves in being able to ensure that students receive the care, assistance, and language study no matter what their needs might be! Additionally, Qalam offers customizable and faculty-led study abroad experiences for programs and schools who would like to create their own study abroad experience, as well. 


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Arabic student with a customizable private course

Trusted by the world’s leading universities 

Qalam wa Lawh receives students from institutions and universities all over the world. These academic partners endorse Qalam by sending their students time and again because they know Qalam is as reliable for its academic rigor as it is for its safety and security. When an institution chooses to partner with Qalam, they can rest assured their Morocco study abroad students will be in the care of highly-trained Arabic language instructors and supported by dedicated student advisors with problem-solving experience in a safe, welcoming environment. 

See list of Academic Partners >>


Shape your study program to fit your needs 

Today’s study abroad students crave a balance of structure and independence, and personalization is at the heart of rewarding student experiences. That’s why Qalam provides a build-your-own style study abroad program. Students are able to shape the study abroad program in accordance with their language learning styles, career goals, and lifestyles.   

Arabic studens studing outside in Rabat in the summer

Study Abroad in Morocco Program Options 

As a year-round study abroad center, Qalam wa Lawh offers various study abroad programs throughout the year. Read below to learn more about Qalam’s study program options. 


Semester & Year abroad programs 

Semester programs are ideal for combining Arabic study with an in-depth understanding of Arabic culture and an opportunity to be engaged in the Arabic community.  In addition to Arabic courses, students can gain deeper insight into Arabic culture through Area Study courses in various fields, such as sociology, history, and religion.  Area Study courses are taught by distinguished professors from University Mohammed V, University Hassan II, and University Moulay Ismail in Meknes.

| Learn more about Semester Abroad Programs >>


Summer Intensive Study Abroad Program 

Students who wish to learn Arabic rapidly will likely be most interested in the Intensive Arabic programs. Qalam wa Lawh's Intensive sessions are four weeks long. In addition to Arabic courses, students benefit from tutoring, a wide range of cultural immersion activities, and the possibility of participating in weekend trips to various destinations in Morocco. 


The summer intensive session is most popular among university students studying independently or as a part of their university programs.  Qalam wa Lawh offers four summer study abroad sessions every year, each of which is four weeks long. Students may enroll in one or multiple sessions consecutively.  

| Learn more about Summer Abroad Programs >>


Winter Intensive Study Abroad Program 

Winter programs offer the possibility for students to take advantage of their winter break to learn Arabic in Morocco. Rabat's moderate climate makes it possible to undertake most cultural immersion and social engagement activities year-round without interruption. Winter sessions take place during the months of December and January and include all the amazing cultural immersion activities and Arabic study resources that all Qalam students enjoy. | Learn more about Winter Abroad Programs >>


Design your own Faculty-led & Custom program 

Faculty-led programs are ideal for universities hoping to include the Morocco study abroad experience in their Academic offerings. Qalam wa Lawh’s 20,000 sq. ft. modern campus is situated at the heart of Morocco’s capital, Rabat, and features equipped modern classrooms, private study space, a library, an on-site restaurant, on-site student residence and is just a few minutes' walk from public transportation (Tramway, trains, buses), Morocco’s national library, and other major cultural sites for planned activities. 


Program components 

Qalam wa Lawh’s study abroad programs are customizable and may include any or all of the following components:


Arabic language courses 

Qalam wa Lawh offers year-round intensive courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic.  Students in semester study abroad programs may also enroll in Arabic literature, Media Arabic, Classical Arabic courses, or other specialized Arabic Courses. 


French Language courses 

French language courses are available for students wishing to take advantage of their stay in Morocco to improve their French. In Morocco, French is widely used in science and business, and many students find it useful to study French during their stay. French courses can be requested on an individual basis or as a group. 


Area Study Courses 

Gain an in-depth understanding of Arab, North African, and Islamic culture, history, society from renowned professors from Morocco’s top universities through Qalam wa Lawh’s Area Study courses. Area Study courses are offered in all semester programs and can be incorporated into faculty-led and custom study abroad programs. 


Homestays or student residence accommodations 

Study abroad students have the option to reside with a welcoming host family or in Qalam wa Lawh’s on-campus student residence. A limited number of off-site studio apartments are also available. 

| More details about Homestay and student residence accommodations >>


Volunteering abroad placements 

The volunteer club at Qalam wa Lawh is available for students interested in making a difference, gaining new skills and building lasting connections and friendships. Students can participate in individual and group projects to benefit some of Rabat’s poorest and marginalized communities, all while utilizing their Arabic language skills.  

| More information about the Volunteer Program >>

Language Partners 

Language Partners are students from the Rabat area who volunteer their time to practice Arabic with Qalam wa Lawh students. These young people meet with Qalam students twice per week as part of the Academic Semester program. Otherwise, meetings are at the partners' discretion. Language Partners often meet with their Qalam friends at the Arabic Language Cafe to engage in discussion topics with a larger group over tea and cookies. 

| Learn more about the Arabic Language Cafe >>

Moroccan Language Partner practices Arabic with a Study Abroad student


Financing your Study abroad Program in Morocco

Studying abroad can be a complicated feat. That’s why Qalam encourage students to make use of all available resources for study abroad scholarships, grants, and financial aid. Below are some of the most commonly-used scholarships and financial resources for Qalam students. 


Qalam wa Lawh Scholarship 

Qalam wa Lawh offers the Ibn Battuta Battuta Arabic Scholarship for Peace and Diplomacy during winter, summer, and semester programs. The scholarship awards for excellence in the study of the Arabic language and for the dedication to promoting peace and diplomacy through cross-cultural dialogue. 


Other Scholarships 

Companies and organizations from around the world offer scholarships for study abroad students. Here are some popular ones:


1. Boren Scholarships 

2. Critical Language Scholarships

3. FLAS Fellowship for Graduate Students


These are just some examples of many scholarships and grants you may apply for. To see a list of more detailed scholarship ideas, visit the Scholarships and Grants page. The team at Qalam wishes you the best of luck with your search and applications! 

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