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As a trusted Arabic language school, Qalam wa Lawh prioritizes an immersive Arabic education for all its students. Supplemented by the optional Cultural Activies, Qalam’s academic program puts students first, offering classes throughout the day, all year long. Students can additionally choose private courses or even separate evening Arabic courses or the Arabic program for children. All courses and programs at Qalam wa Lawh include free half-hour tutoring for students looking for extra help, as well as the support of a team of dedicated student advisors and highly-trained, enthusiastic Arabic teachers. 

Courses and Programs 

Qalam wa Lawh offers a range of different types of Arabic courses, as well as an assortment of content courses for students studying long-term at the Center. Take a look below at the various Course and Program options available. 


Arabic Courses 

Arabic Courses at Qalam wa Lawh include the Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic language courses, as well as a few content courses in Arabic.  


Area Study Courses 

Area Study Courses, all in English, cover a variety of different topics about Morocco, the Arabic Language, and the Middle East/North African region. Course categories include History courses, Sociology courses, Religion courses, and more. 

| Visit the Courses page to learn more about Qalam courses. 

Arabic Programs 

Qalam’s Arabic Programs include the popular year-round Intensive Arabic courses, as well as Evening Arabic Courses for people living and working in Rabat long-term. For children, Qalam also offers the Children’s Arabic program. 


Study Abroad Programs

Qalam wa Lawh has a range of study abroad programs to meet all students’ needs. Semester-long study abroad programs (Fall or Spring) fulfill academic requirements for students around the world, while the Summer and Winter Intensive study abroad programs allow for a shorter, more intensive study experience.  

Arabic students with a study abroad program

Other Programs 

In addition to teaching Arabic to students from around the world, Qalam wa Lawh also provides various types of training courses, especially for people who want to become Arabic teachers themselves. 

|  Learn more about Qalam's available programs on the Programs page

Academic Standards 

Qalam wa Lawh’s main goal is to provide linguistically and culturally educational study abroad experiences to students from all different backgrounds and nationalities. In order to do so, Qalam must be held to a certain set of standards. Read below to learn how Qalam’s methodology and classroom focuses work to maintain the high level of academic rigor that provides students with the Arabic language education they crave. 


Methodology and Goals 

Arabic Courses at Qalam wa Lawh are intended to merge seamlessly with Arabic courses taken at home institutions, while at the same time providing an atmosphere where vocabulary can both be acquired faster and retained with greater success.  


Professional Arabic Instructors 

Each classroom is led by an experienced native Arabic speaker. There is also a team of trainee Arabic teachers available to all students for tutoring sessions and additional support. Qalam Center is the largest training center in Morocco for teaching Arabic as a foreign language. You can find teachers who trained at Qalam wa Lawh in every major study abroad program in Morocco. We have a year-round team of more than twenty professional Arabic teachers and trainees as well as consulting professors for our guest lectures and special events. This makes Qalam wa Lawh Center uniquely qualified to offer an extremely high quality and successful Arabic curriculum.  


Essential Communication Skills 

At Qalam wa Lawh, highly-trained teachers encourage students to practice and utilize all the different communication skills necessary to master the Arabic language. ​

Productive Speaking 

Acquired vocabulary and grammar skills are useless if the language learner cannot verbally produce fluent language. For this reason, our courses emphasize the development of oral fluency above all other key language skills. Through a communicative and student-centered approach, our instructors give students as many opportunities to practice speech as possible.  Our content-based learning immersion activities (like cooking club and calligraphy) give students even more contact time with the Arabic language. 



The primary objective of our Arabic instructors as they speak in class is to model native speech and pronounciation. In practice an immersion curriculum does not rely heavily on grammar drills or assignments in translation. At the beginning level of our Arabic classes, teachers will speak as little English as possible (less than 5%). From the intermediate level onward English will not be spoken at all. 



Another key skill area, literacy. In order to foster development in reading and writing in Arabic, our instructors insure that the content they are using has connection to students' interests and that it resonates with them. Many times the difference between success and failure in a classroom is engagement. At Qalam wa Lawh we strive to ensure that all of the material in our classrooms is worth reading. 


Presentational Skills

Presenting information clearly and effectively is another vital communication skill. Today, presentational skills are required in almost every field. For this reason, all students at Qalam wa Lawh are prepared for and expected to present in Arabic for 5 minutes and participate in a short Q&A with their peers at the completion of their course.  

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