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To register for courses at Qalam wa Lawh, please complete the following steps:


 1. Choose one of the program options below.
2. Download the registration packet of the program of your choice.
3. Complete the forms and return them via:


Post:  4, Rue Jabal Oukaimeden Agdal, Rabat, Morocco

 4. Allow 48-72 hours to receive a registration confirmation and student handbook.

On-site Courses

Intensive Group Courses

20-30 hours/week, 2-36 weeks, max 10 students per group, available Year-round

Year-round intensive courses enable students to learn Arabic rapidly through full language and cultural immersion.  Intensive courses are available in either Modern Standard Arabic or Moroccan Arabic.  They include a rich cultural immersion activity program, and the opportunity to practice Arabic daily.  More Intensive Arabic Program Details >>

Academic Semester Programs

14-16 weeks, Full Academic support, Fall and Spring Semesters available

Semesters Programs includes a choice of Intensive or standard courses in Modern Standard Arabic or Moroccan Arabic in addition to elective courses in Media Arabic, Arabic literature, & classical Arabic.  Students can also choose for a selection of Area study courses in history, gender studies, political science, economy, and more.  The program offers the opportunity to engage the local community through several hands-on projects, cultural activities, volunteering, academic clubs, and more.  More Semester Program Details >> 

Private One-on-One Courses

2-30 hours/week, 1 to 36 weeks, Fully customizable

Private one-on-one Arabic courses are arranged to accommodate specific schedules and learning goal.  They can be booked independently or in addition to an intensive group course or semester program.

Online Arabic Courses

Online Instructor-led Arabic courses

One-on-One and Group courses available Year-round

Online Arabic Courses offer a convenient solution for learning Arabic without leaving home or office.  They are ideal for beginners wishing to kick start this Arabic learning as well as intermediate and advanced learners aiming to maintain and improve their Arabic proficiency levels ..  More Online Arabic Course Details >>

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