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Qalam wa Lawh Center for Arabic studies is an institution with a reputation of excellence in teaching Arabic as a foreign language and organizing Arabic study abroad programs. An international language school in the heart of Rabat, Qalam wa Lawh hosts students from around the world seeking to improve their Arabic language skills. Qalam wa Lawh's language and cultural immersion activities provide students with an opportunity to practice their language skills both inside and outside the classroom, learn Arabic rapidly, and with greater retention. 

The Right Study Abroad Program for You


Whether you are interested in Intensive Arabic Courses, Area Studies courses, Volunteer Opportunities, Cultural Enrichment activities, homestays, or all of the above, we offer a study abroad experience that suits your study needs and schedule. And with our year-round start dates and flexible course lengths, there is no excuse not to fulfill your goals of studying Arabic abroad in the heart of Morocco at Qalam wa Lawh Center for Arabic Studies.  

State-of-the-Art Facilities and a Dedicated Arabic Immersion Center


Qalam wa Lawh's campus is located in the heart of Morocco's capital, Rabat, within minutes of historic sites, local shops, restaurants, and public transportation.  If features large air-conditioned classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, and a restaurant making it an ideal for international students.

Learn to speak Arabic through immersion

Qalam wa Lawh Center is Morocco's leading provider of Arabic language instruction to students and working professionals from around the world. Select from fully customizable programs in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Colloquial Modern Arabic (Darija). Our intensive Arabic courses have earned a reputation for excellence and are designed to help you learn the Arabic language rapidly and with greater retention.


Immerse yourself in the culture, beauty and magic of Morocco

The value that lies at the heart of every successful study abroad program is its ability to impart new experiences and understanding of a new environment and culture. At Qalam wa Lawh, we focus on student-centered and experiential learning. Introducing our students to Morocco is our passion and our privilege. Our cultural immersion program fully complements our Arabic courses, with a cohesive and in-depth activity program.

Students exprience Morocco

Arabic Language scholarships 

The Ibn Battuta Arabic language scholarship rewards students for excellence is learning Arabic and the dedication to promote peace and diplomacy through cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.  Qalam wa Lawh offers a total of sixty (60) Arabic scholarships per year for intensive summer and winter terms as well as Fall and spring semester programs in Rabat Morocco. 


Volunteering and Service Activities 

Volunteering in Morocco is a great way to give back while studying Arabic. Service projects can be organized by the school on a group- or individual-basis. 
Qalam wa Lawh partners with organizations and groups all over Rabat to help students interact with the local community and to make a difference along the way. 

Arabic students volunteer with cancer patients in Rabat


St. Andrew's University - Queen's University - Yale University - University of Wisconsin

Michigan State University - The United States Department of State

The United Nations Development Program - Georgia Southern University
George Mason University - Catholic University - Ibn Jabal Institute
The Korean International Cooperation Agency - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

International Education and Resource Network

What our Arabic students say about us

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