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Student studying in Intensive Arabic Course

Arabic Programs

Intensive Arabic language courses enable students to learn Arabic rapidly through full language and cultural immersion. Qalam wa Lawh Center in Rabat, Morocco offers year-round intensive courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic. Each class enables students to quickly enhance their Arabic language skills through a selection of study options, a rich cultural immersion activity program, and the opportunity to practice Arabic daily. Students can register from a minimum of two weeks to more than a year, as their schedule allows. 

Intensive Course Highlights

Intensive Course Highlights

The Intensive Arabic courses at Qalam focus on full immersion into the Arabic language, with dedicated student advisors, top-notch teachers, and a wealth of cultural and language immersion activities. Read below to find out more details about how these features work together to create an entirely immersive learning experience.


Best way to learn Arabic rapidly

For students looking to acquire as much Arabic language improvement as possible, intensive courses are the way to go. Intensive Arabic language courses include 4-6 hours of Arabic class per day, which gives students more continuous time with the language that allows them to cover more material in a shorter amount of time. (At Qalam wa Lawh Center, students cover the equivalent of one semester of Arabic study in just 4 weeks.) This extended daily use of the language helps students internalize the material, leading to higher retention rates and accelerated fluency.


Experience Full Arabic Immersion

Qalam wa Lawh’s Intensive Arabic Courses seek to strengthen a student’s relationship with the Arabic language through total language immersion. For this reason, intensive courses are conducted entirely in Arabic, and students are encouraged to participate in cultural activities and academic clubs. These Arabic immersion activities outside the classroom go hand in hand with the Arabic immersion courses, allowing students to practice their language skills while simultaneously building connections with the local community in Rabat. 


Learn with a dedicated team of Arabic language experts

Qalam wa Lawh teachers are highly-trained professionals with advanced academic degrees in linguistics, education, or related fields. Qalam currently has over 20 full-time Arabic teachers - all of whom are passionate about teaching Arabic as a foreign language.  Before teaching at Qalam wa Lawh, qualified teachers complete specialized training in teaching Arabic as a foreign language and internships as teaching assistants and tutors.  Their training ensures that they acquire the skills necessary to manage an Arabic classroom and aid students to hone their Arabic skills. 


The academic team at Qalam wa Lawh includes language tutors, cultural coordinators, and language partners.  Together, they support the students’ learning in and outside the classroom and help them overcome learning difficulties and actively engage with the local community. 


Student advisors provide support for study abroad students and help with any questions, comments, and clarifications. Student advisors are available to guide students through various study options and to help them reap all the benefits of their study abroad experience.  Students are assigned a student advisor at check-in (the day before classes start) who will be able to assist them throughout their academic stay.


Professionally-trained Arabic teachers

Enjoy Small Class-sizes

An essential element of intensive language courses is the ability to participate in lively class conversations.  Qalam’s intensive courses employ a communicative approach and limit class size to 10 students, thus, leaving ample time for student discussions and participation, as well as more individualized attention from the Arabic teachers. 


Guaranteed Availability

Because intensive courses at all levels are available on a year-round basis, students do not need to worry about course availability. Upon joining a class, it’s possible to continue studying for as long as needed, moving from one level to the next seamlessly with no gaps nor interruptions.  


Free tutoring and homework assistance

All intensive group courses include free one-on-one tutoring during school hours. Tutoring services provide additional support from trained Arabic professionals at the student’s discretion. Most students benefit from the opportunity to receive extra help with a new concept introduced in a group class, while some prefer to use tutoring hours to get in even more communication practice! There are also students who use tutoring hours for homework assistance, and some who use the time to resolve a quick clarification question or two. 

Tutoring is available from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:00 for up to 30 minutes per day.


Intensive Arabic Language Courses

Qalam wa Lawh’s Intensive Arabic courses are open to any students determined to improve their Arabic skills in a fast and effective way. Whether you are a college student, a high school student, a postgraduate student, or just an avid language lover, these classes will help you improve your Arabic skills through classroom language immersion and determination!  

Qalam’s intensive courses include Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic. Below, you can find more information:


Modern Standard Arabic Intensive Courses

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the modernized version of Classical Arabic, the language from which all Arabic dialects get their roots. Because MSA is used around the world in Arab media, government officiations, and Arabic literature, MSA is taught all over the world.  


At Qalam, these Modern Standard Arabic courses are taught at eight different levels, from complete beginner to high advanced.

| Modern Standard Arabic Course details: >> 


Moroccan Arabic Intensive Courses

Moroccan Arabic or "Darija" is the dialect of Arabic widely spoken in Morocco. (Even for students who focus on their Modern Standard Arabic studies, it’s advisable to learn a few phrases of Darija during their time in Morocco.) Moroccan Arabic is especially crucial for people who intend to live in Morocco for an extended period and who need to interact with a wide range of Moroccans from various regions and of diverse background and education levels. 


At Qalam, the Moroccan Arabic courses are available at six different levels, including beginner courses, intermediate courses, and advanced courses. | Moroccan Arabic Course details: >>

Intensive course student studying Moroccan Arabic

Intensive Arabic Programs and Study Options

Students may enroll in Year-round Intensive Arabic courses directly or as part of the following Intensive Arabic Study Abroad Programs.


Flexible Year-round Intensive Arabic Courses

Intensive courses may be taken independently on a year-round basis with start dates every two weeks. (New sessions start every four weeks, but non-beginner students are welcome to enter the class in the middle of a session.) Each class takes four weeks to complete. Students may choose to study for as little as two weeks or continue studying Arabic as long as their schedule permits. Students proceed to the next course after successfully passing a final exam and making an oral presentation. 


Intensive Study Abroad Programs

Intensive Arabic courses at Qalam wa Lawh can also be chosen by students who would like to participate in Qalam’s Academic Study Abroad programs, as well. This type of Arabic immersion program includes intensive courses, cultural activities, and trips, as well as other features specific to the Study Abroad program. These programs are ideal for students seeking an accredited academic program to improve their Arabic competency, as well as gaining insight into Arabic culture and society.


Qalam wa Lawh offers the following Intensive Arabic Study Abroad programs: 


Summer Intensive Arabic Programs 

Many students decide to choose summer study abroad programs in Arabic-speaking countries. For an immersive Arabic experience, Qalam offers the Intensive Arabic Summer Study Abroad program, which includes Intensive Arabic courses, in addition to other non-intensive Arabic and area study courses.

| Summer Program details: >>


Winter Intensive Arabic Programs 

While summer study abroad programs are indeed more popular, Qalam wa Lawh also offers Arabic Winter Intensive programs. Students who wish to improve their Arabic through an accredited study abroad experience for four weeks during their winter break will fit in perfectly during our December and January sessions.​

| Winter Program details: >>

Intensive Arabic Semester or Year Programs

Intensive Arabic Semester programs are ideal for university students seeking an immersive Arabic language and cultural experience for their semester abroad. Qalam provides not only intensive Arabic courses through this program but also other academic Arabic courses and in-depth area study courses in a variety of specialized subjects.

| Area Study courses details >> 

More information about Academic Semester Programs >>

Semester student studying Arabic with a Moroccan partner

Intensive Arabic Course Registrations

If the Intensive Arabic Courses sound right for you, you are welcome to begin the registration process immediately! Below you can find all the information regarding start dates, pricing, and how to register for these Arabic courses.


Assessment and Placement

Except for complete beginners, all students take a written and oral language proficiency assessment on the first day of classes.  Teachers determine actual student placement by examining students’ performance on the language assessment, as well as their prior confirmed language study. 



Qalam wa Lawh is committed to providing high-quality Arabic courses and study abroad programs at reasonable prices with no hidden fees or unnecessary expenses.  Potential students receive detailed information about academic courses, accommodations, and activities and can select the options that benefit them the most, thus, reducing their overall cost and enhancing the value of the study abroad experience. 

Please click here to see Qalam’s full price list.


Admissions and Registrations

Now that you know about all the immersive Arabic courses Qalam has to offer with the Intensive Arabic Course program, you’re all ready to sign up! You can register here by filling out the application form. If you have any last-minute registration questions, feel free to email

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Intensive Arabic Courses:


I wish to study Arabic for a semester or a year.  Are there any other long-term study options? 

Qalam’s Intensive Arabic courses are perfect for students who want to study Arabic anywhere from 2 weeks to more than a year! These may also be taken for a semester or two semesters, depending on how you would like to schedule your own studies. 


However, if you’re more interested in a traditional academic semester-style study, the Academic Study Abroad Program may be more enticing. You could also choose to combine intensive and semester Arabic courses, and even include the academic Area Studies courses! 


What is the minimum duration for an Intensive course? 

The minimum study duration is 2 weeks. Because one Intensive Course takes 4 weeks to complete, most students register from 4 to 8 weeks. 


How long does it take to complete one course? 

It takes 4 weeks of intensive study to complete a course (80 hours of class time). 


What if there aren’t any students at my proficiency level? 

Qalam wa Lawh hosts roughly 1200-1500 students every year! Occasionally we receive students who are the only ones to test into their proficiency level. When this happens, the student can continue to take the group courses they originally chose, at a reduced number of class hours, until 2 more students join the class.

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