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Business Arabic includes business terminology and skills not covered by other Arabic classes

The Business Arabic Language Program is for all those who are interested in learning Arabic for business and other professional purposes and who want to communicate with Arabic speakers in their jobs and fields of work. Qalam's program strengthens students’ Arabic language ability through all the basic communication skills and additionally allows students to focus on specified content through linguistic material and specialized vocabulary relevant to their work.

The Business Arabic Program uses Modern Standard Arabic, focusing on terminology in various fields relevant to the needs of the professional learner, as well as the specific language structures and semantics. Qalam’s Arabic teachers assist students to prepare to trade, negotiate or make speeches at exhibitions or business meetings and succeed in communicating withal types of Arabic-speaking business partners.


A growing need for Business Arabic

As Arabic-speaking countries become more prominent on the global business scene, the importance of learning the Arabic language for business purposes increases. Arabic countries are now, more than ever, looking for profitable trade prospects and potential partners. The ability to conduct meetings and correspond with business partners in Arabic makes the Arabic learner a more competitive worker and applicant, in general. Furthermore, having a better understanding of all Arabic proceedings allows for better communication and, therefore, better business.  

In the modern world, the Arabic language is useful in many fields, including but not limited to: 

  • Translation 

  • Media (foreign correspondents or reporters) 

  • Governmental jobs/ Diplomacy 

  • Finance 

  • Politics/ Legal issues 

  • Education 

Learning Arabic for business at Qalam wa Lawh allows students to maximize their potential for future business proceedings and solidify their ability to communicate using the Arabic language. 

Objectives of the program  

Because this program seeks to aid students who need specialized Arabic terminology and comprehension, the learner becomes a partner in determining the objectives of the program.


The program is designed specifically for this variability, pairing the base curriculum of the program with the collaborated goals identified by both teacher and learner. Generally, the objectives of the program are as follows: 

- Understanding the Arabic language (directly or through the media such as economic reports, etc.) 

- Speaking the Arabic language to express the intended needs or meanings  

- Reading publications, newspapers, and reports written in Arabic   

- Writing in Arabic correctly and clearly 

- Enriching the learner with concepts and larger ideas associated with his or her professional specialization 

Qalam’s teachers can also help students prepare for their real-life business experience, working with the student to practice presentations and speeches on various topics, conducting meetings and interviews, writing letters and reports, and making and responding to telephone calls. 

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