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Qalam wa Lawh hosts faculty-led and specialized programs that can be customized to fit students’ needs. Universities, agencies, and provider organizations can structure these programs as they see fit, including any or all of the options and amenities offered at Qalam. 


We at Qalam wa Lawh understand that sometimes programs and students have very specific needs, whether it be time restrictions, class requirements, or various other specifications. That’s why we offer customizable programs that allow groups to pick and choose from among our language and cultural services and select the amenities that will most greatly benefit them. Organizing a faculty-led or specialty program allows flexibility in the following ways: 

  • Time restrictions: With a customizable program, program leaders can choose special dates, hours, start times, and breaks that work best with the programs’ schedule. 

  • Special excursions and weekend trips: The majority of students at Qalam wa Lawh take part in excursions outside of class and trips on the weekends to see other parts of Morocco. We offer several different excursions, as well as 4 regular weekend trips. Creating a program allows flexibility with these trips, changing the details to include new destinations, extra time visiting a specific place, etc. 

  • Classroom specifications: Qalam wa Lawh’s typical courses have a maximum of only 10 students, which allows for more communication practice and one-on-one involvement with the teacher, as well as more personalized feedback. By customizing your program, you can choose the size of the class and whether we will merge your students with our year-round Qalam students or keep the classes separate. 

  • Language requirements: Courses at Qalam wa Lawh are intensive or semi-intensive and focus heavily on communication. But sometimes specific programs have language specifications or levels that must be met by the end of the program. If your students need extra hours or extra language help - to move more quickly or more slowly - this is also an option through the customizable program.  


Qalam wa Lawh is happy to serve students of different ages and Arabic skill levels from a variety of different cultures, countries, and backgrounds. For this reason, we have a wide range of services and amenities available for all our students – from the advanced-level graduate student doing research in the afternoons to the student taking a gap year before college with no previous Arabic study to the businessman or woman working in Rabat who wants to improve their Arabic communication skills for life in Morocco!  

For your program, feel free to pick and choose from the following options what will work best for your program: 

  • Airport transfers (Rabat or Casablanca) 

  • Textbooks 

  • Academic Tutoring 

  • and more! 

To set-up your faculty-led program, please contact us.

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