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Students learn Arabic through the Diplomatic Arabic program

The Diplomatic Arabic Program is an intensive training program designed to teach the Arabic language to those working in the field of diplomatic services for beginner, intermediate, advanced and superior students. Through the program, students learn about economic, political, social, legal, cultural, and artistic topics so as to communicate with their counterparts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other Arabic-speaking official and diplomatic figures. Students are also prepared for language tests and examinations of language proficiency and communication according to the latest standards in the field.

The Arabic Program for Diplomats includes the basic programs similar to that of the Media Arabic program and Moroccan Darija program, as well as a cultural program that includes institutional visits, exploratory meetings, scientific lectures, and intellectual sessions and workshops. The program's curriculum will cover a number of important topics that work to improve the students’ knowledge of Arabic for diplomacy.

The Arabic Program for Diplomats was created within the framework of international cooperation between the various countries and international organizations participating in the program and Qalam wa Lawh Center to promote cultural interaction and dialogue between civilizations and religions.



Program Objectives

The Arabic Program for Diplomats seeks to contribute to teaching the Arabic language and Arab culture to non-native diplomats who want a deeper understanding of the Arab world. This education is especially with the growing importance of the Arab region and the central location of the Middle East and North Africa in the strategic, political and economic transformations of the world. The basics of Arabic and the understanding of Arab culture and the features of the Arab community are a necessity for those working in this region and furthermore facilitate communication between the diplomatic students and Arabic-speaking staff.

Diplomatic Arabic students study the full range of the Arabic language

Qalam wa Lawh Arabic Language Center aims to provide students with basic skills in the Arabic language in order to gain fluency and accuracy in communicating professionally and comfortably in official and other events, preparing speeches and presentations in Arabic, managing and conducting meetings and conferences, understanding of vocabulary, terminology, body language, dialect, and other details of Arab culture, as well as gaining basic Arab social competence. 

The course focuses on covering various fields, as well as aspects of political and diplomatic work - especially those related to the theories of foreign policy and its sections, the art of contemporary diplomacy, the art of speaking and negotiation, and all that covers different aspects in this field. The overall objectives to be achieved through this platform are as follows: 

  • Communicate effectively and confidently in Arabic.

  • Present presentations and speeches on various topics and make well-formed responses in meetings and interviews.

  • Speed read for specific information and absorb a large amount of information in a short time.

  • Write letters and reports and make and answer phone calls.

  • To strengthen the linguistic communication needed by the non-Arabic speaking diplomatic staff while facilitating communication.

  • Building the Arabic language skills of diplomats in order to gain fluency and accuracy in communicating professionally.

  • To enrich the lexical balance of the diplomatic student with vocabulary and phrases that belong to their particular field and provide different tools for this field.

  • To provide the student with basic Arabic communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing in an integrative manner, in addition to providing the language culture to the learners through the reading texts and the corresponding sessions.

  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of those who join the program and their composition so that they will be able to follow and respond to all the changes on the international scene.

The Diplomatic Arabic Language Program for guests of the Kingdom of Morocco aims to achieve its objectives through its educational curriculum, educational learning methodology, and supplementary programs (Moroccan Arabic, the Media program, cultural program, test preparation). The materials of the program will build a range of communicative competencies and develop different language skills that make the learners able to communicate in Arabic correctly and linguistically by listening, reading, writing, and possessing a lexicon in which they can express their linguistic and cultural needs in accordance with the goals and objectives of the training program for diplomats. Students will learn through a combination of structures and methods, linguistic and grammatical rules, with modern methods and processes of teaching.

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