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Moroccan Cooking Workshops

Moroccan cooking workshop (briouats)

Cultural activities

Moroccan cuisine is well-known all over the world for being healthy, seasoned, and delicious. Moroccan cooking workshops are a fun-filled and family-friendly way to get a taste of Moroccan culture (literally!). Qalam wa Lawh offers cooking workshops throughout the year for groups or individuals interested in practicing their Arabic while immersing themselves in Moroccan culture.  

Qalam wa Lawh cooking workshops take place with the Cooking Club once per week but can also be scheduled specifically for groups or individuals at their request. By introducing students to spices, flavors, and tastes they may not be familiar with, the workshops provide a look into Moroccan culture in a unique way. All workshops are taught in Arabic for all levels.  


• Students learn new Arabic vocabulary  
• Students get hands-on practice with Arabic  
• Students practice listening and following instructions in Arabic  
• Students practice patience, perseverance and cooperation 


• Students learn traditional Moroccan recipes 
• Students learn the history of Moroccan food and its global influences – Mediterranean, Spanish, French, etc. 


• Students get to take part in an nontraditional type of classroom 
• At the end of each workshop, the team of students gets to enjoy their creation together!  

Arabic student cooking tajine

For more information or to sign up for a class, please contact us by email at or by phone at (+212) (0) 5 37 68 38 66. 

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