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Kursus Intensif Bahasa Arab 


Arabic Programs

Kursus Intensif bahasa Arab memungkinkan siswa untuk belajar bahasa Arab dengan cepat melalui pembelajaran bahasa dan pengenalan budaya. Pusat bahasa Qalam wa Lawh di Rabat, Maroko menawarkan kursus intensif setiap tahun dalam bahasa Arab modern standar dan dialek Arab Maroko. Setiap kelas memungkinkan siswa untuk secara cepat meningkatkan kemahiran bahasa Arab dengan memilih opsi pilihan belajar, melalui berbagai program dan kegiatan pengenalan kekayaan  budaya. Kesempatan praktik bahasa Arab dalam kegiatan sehari-hari. Siswa dapat mendaftar minimal 2 minggu atau lebih dalam setahun, dengan jadwal menyesuaikan siswa. 

Learn everywhere

Learn Arabic at home,

at work,

or wherever you are!

Prepare Yourself

Planing to work or study in an Arabic-speaking country? Online courses can help

fully customizable

Customize your one-on-one courses to fit your learning objectives

Learn Arabic at home, at work, or wherever you are

Qalam wa Lawh offers online courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic.  Led by professional teachers with years of experience in both classroom and online courses, they offer an organized curriculum with clear guidance and expectations.  Students have access to a rich set of resources, including authentic materials, worksheets, and online assessments.

Additionally, students benefit from:

  • A choice of private one-on-one instruction or group courses with small class sizes

  • Free tutoring and homework assistance

  • Guidance and assistance from dedicated student advisors

  • Flexible scheduling with multiple possible start dates

Connect to a community of native Arabic speakers


Students taking online classes have the opportunity to connect with a community of native speakers and language partners through Qalam wa Lawh’s Friends of Arabic Network.  As a result, they can practice Arabic and experience a virtual immersion that helps build confidence and widens their social circle.

Online Course Options:

​There are three types of online courses:

  • Intensive Online courses (20 hours per week): These courses enable students to acquire Arabic rapidly and complete a full Arabic course (80 hours) in just four weeks.  Intensive courses are available in Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic.  They include 10 hours of live sessions and a minimum of 10 hours of teacher-led work per week.

  • Semester Online Courses: These 16-week courses are ideal for university students and professionals.  They are available in Modern Standard Arabic, Classical Arabic, Arabic Litterature, Media Arabic, and Moroccan Arabic.  They include a total of 40 hours of live sessions and a minimum of 40 hours of teacher-led work per course (Total: 80 hours/course).

  • Private one-on-one courses: these courses can be customized to accommodate specific learning objectives and schedules.  Private courses can be taken independently or in conjunction with an intensive or semester course.

Admissions and Registration

To register for an online course, please visit the Qalam wa Lawh Admissions Page.

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