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Arabic Language Cafe: The culture of solidarity in Morocco

Arabic students having a discussion

Arabic Language Cafe

Thursday May 16, 2019 from ***7:30pm to 9:00pm***

This week's topic will be the culture of solidarity in Moroccan society.

Solidarity is human behavior that helps people when needed and relieves suffering and pain. Solidarity between various sectors of society is a prerequisite for progress of the country as well as for the balance and stability of political systems. We cannot achieve the causes of solidarity and stability without social justice, and much of solidarity’s strength derives from religious teachings, international conventions and national laws. For the stability and development of societies, society is not a group of individuals or groups bordering on geography, history or ethnicity, but rather a social network.

With these ideas in mind, we will discuss this subject over Iftar at the Arabic Language Cafe, using the following questions:

- How do we achieve cohesion within Moroccan society?

- What are the principles on which solidarity stands?

- What are the forms of national and international solidarity?

- What is the contribution of civil society to the consolidation of a culture of solidarity?

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.

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