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Arabic Language Cafe: Citizenship and Youth

Citizenship and youth

Arabic Language Cafe

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Values ​​of citizenship and youth

Citizenship can be defined by many characteristics, including participation and affiliation with the nation, living all together as citizens, and being ready to defend and to sacrifice for the nation. The most important value is total equality without discrimination in regards to the law. These are the agreed-upon international laws for citizenship.

In light of current developments in our societies, we note a number of changes in youth, especially the increase in the desire to emigrate and move away from the homeland, as well as the emergence of problems in the ways of life, and relations with other citizens of the same country.

At the Arabic Language Café this week, we ​​will discuss the values ​​of citizenship in relation to youth, discussing the following points:

- What are the roles played by both the family and the school in teaching the values ​​of citizenship?

- What are the challenges facing young people that hinder their sense of patriotism?

- How can the spirit of patriotism be maintained among young people?

- Do young people serve their country, and are they convinced of this patriotism to serve the nation?

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.

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