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Arabic Language Cafe: Cultural literacy

Cultural literacy as a discussion topic

Arabic Language Cafe

5 September 2019

Cultural literacy

Literacy is the only means to eradicate traditional illiteracy. But illiteracy in this era is not limited to those who cannot read and write, but also includes those with weak knowledge of cultural and technological developments and scientific realities. This means that there is a traditional illiteracy in regards to reading and writing, and cultural illiteracy based on the lack of cultural, scientific, technological, administrative knowledge about other aspects of life. While traditional illiteracy is rampant in the Arab world, cultural illiteracy is inherent in the cultural structure of society if that society contains continuous disabilities. Therefore, we will discuss the issue of cultural illiteracy at this week’s Arabic Language Cafe:

- Ways to overcome cultural illiteracy

- The causes and consequences of cultural illiteracy

- The effects of cultural illiteracy on the development of society

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.

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