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Arabic Language Cafe: Fasting and Health

Students and Moroccans discuss at the Arabic Language Cafe

Arabic Language Cafe

Thursday May 23, 2019 from ***7:30pm to 9:00pm***

This week's topic will be fasting and health.

There are many forms of fasting according to different religions and cultures, including religious fasting or fasting for physical health reasons (such as fasting as a medical diet). But Islamic fasting provides the experienced composite of virtues and health. It is known that fasting has a great reward in the Islamic religion, but many people are unaware of the health benefits of fasting and protection of the body, or that it has a large role in helping to get rid of many diseases and body function issues.

In this regard, we will discuss at the Arabic Language Cafe this Ramadan evening on Thursday fasting and its health benefits with the following aspects: