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Arabic Language Café: Moroccan Culture in its Mediterranean Dimension

Arabic Language Cafe

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Moroccan Culture in its Mediterranean Dimension

Cultural diversity in Morocco

Morocco is a rich country in terms of cultural and linguistic diversity since ancient times due to the interaction of ancient civilizations and its land and its geographical position. Through the interaction of the African and the Mediterranean, the Middle Eastern and the European, Morocco became a great civilization through this interaction of many components all contributing to its formation, civilization, and multi-layered cultural personality.

At this week’s Arabic Language Café, we will discuss the Mediterranean culture between its European and African dimensions and dive in to the search for commonality between them.

How can we focus on cultural interchange in the formation of an inter-cultural Mediterranean identity? What is the impact of the Mediterranean cultural presence on the formation of the Moroccan identity?

Where do we see the Mediterranean cultural presence in Moroccan culture?

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.

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