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Arabic Language Cafe: Public and private education - Competition or integration

12 September 2019

Not all schools provide the same opportunities or move at the same pace. There is a hidden conflict between the public school and the private school, but with unequal weapons. The public school receives all members of the public, including working-class children and children living in rural areas - in the plains and in the mountains - whose schools sometimes lack the most basic conditions of water, electricity and sanitation. Meanwhile, private schools are chosen by affluent families and members of society who refuse to register their children in the public sector, even at the expense of their own daily expenses. Many men and women who were educated in the public sector send their children to private education on the pretext of ensuring good training, ensuring the current crisis of confidence in the public school. At this week’s Arabic Language Café, we will discuss these families using the following discussion point:

- The decline of the public school and the emergence of private schools - Quality of education and prospects of the labor market

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