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Arabic Language Cafe: Religious and ethnic conflict - A threat to world peace

Religious and ethnic conflict discussion

19 September 2019

The degree of internal conflicts vary from country to country. Official reactions to these types of issues include a balance between attempts to stop civil wars and efforts to protect and strengthen national peace so as not to be replaced by internal confrontations. Containing violent conflict, alleviating suffering, and defusing clashes are major challenges. These conflicts also force states emerging from clashes and civil wars to accelerate the implementation of reconstruction, social development, and political reform programs to produce social peace and harmony. All of this process requires building a relationship of citizenship between ethnic, religious and cultural groups, and deepening their empathetic understanding in order to block any attempt to reuse ethnic, religious and cultural differences in igniting internal conflict. These ethnic and religious conflicts are a real threat to world peace and security. At this week’s Arabic Language Café, we will discuss the following concepts:

- The causes of this security threat experienced by the world

- The role of ethnic and religious conflicts in igniting conflict and threatening peace

- The importance of world peace and ways to maintain it

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.