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Arabic Language Cafe: The role of the family in raising a child

Arabic Language Cafe

Thursday May 30, 2019 from ***7:30pm to 9:00pm***

Arabic students serve Iftar at the Arabic Language Cafe

The role of the family in raising children

The family is the basic social unit and the primary environment that nurtures the child. The family often comprises of the most powerful influences that guide growth during childhood. A healthy home environment with an introduction to socialization at the beginning of a child's life plays an important role in physical, psychological and mental development. Of course, the family is not the only institution with which a child will come into contact, but rather the family coincides with the rest of the institutions to create a healthy and proper social upbringing.

At this week’s Arabic Language Café Ramadan Iftar, we will discuss this topic in regards to the following aspects:

- How does the family affect the social development of the child?

- How does the family avoid tradition-based education? How do you develop a child's creative sense?

- How do we define the actual roles of the family in raising children?

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.

Students with Rabat members of the Arabic Language Cafe