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Arabic Students Working Towards Women Empowerment

Over time, societies undergo changes in their structures and their roles. In recent years, changes in societies all over the world have illuminated new roles that contemporary life provides for women, as well as their rights and freedoms to explore the various fields that were exclusive to men in the past. However, women are still struggling for more legal, social, political and economic gains through the battle of self-determination and dignity, equality and equity through movements and organizations in both the East and the West.

Now is as important a time as ever to be aware of these changes in women's movements and women empowerment, and many of the students at Qalam are excited to share their opinions and talents to work towards these goals.

Recently, student Vanessa gave an impressive Arabic-language presentation about the situation of women in Italy. In her speech, she explained that years ago, women in Italy were not allowed to work and were not considered equals in Italian society. Italian women also were subject to serious objectification by men in their daily lives. Over time, various associations and civil society in general started initiatives to help women to become more independent, and now, as Vanessa explained, the situation is much improved.

Check out Vanessa's full presentation in Arabic below!