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Living and Working with the Arabic Language: Qalam wa Lawh featured in local news channel

Medi1 TV's informative segment about the Arabic Language Cafe

Medi1 TV recently covered Qalam wa Lawh Center for Arabic Studies, taking an in-depth look at the Arabic language and its presence in society, as well as steps students take to study and learn Arabic.

Chadia, Nicholas, and Karim joined Medi1 TV's Noufil in the studio to discuss ways to learn Arabic and the importance of the Arabic language in Arab and Moroccan society. While other languages are also widely spoken in Morocco, they explained, the influence of the Arabic language and the Arabic alphabet can be seen throughout Moroccan culture. Check out the videos below!

Karim and Chadia, two of Qalam wa Lawh's amazing Arabic teachers, discussed the importance and methodology of Arabic learning. And as Cultural Activities Coordinator, Karim also led a discussion about Qalam's Arabic Language Cafe and Language Partner programs. (Learn more about the Arabic Language Cafe and how you can get involved here!)

A British student who has been with Qalam wa Lawh since August, Nicholas discussed his personal experience since he decided to study abroad in Morocco and learn Arabic.

Follow these links to learn more about Qalam wa Lawh, view some of our study abroad photos, and sign up for our Arabic language courses! Click here to watch the full Medi1 TV clip!



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