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Ramadan Mubarak from Qalam wa Lawh!

Qalam students prepare for Ramadan

All the students and staff at Qalam wa Lawh are preparing for Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic year, in Morocco. Whether it’s your first time experiencing Ramadan or your fiftieth, we wish you all blessings and joy this season. !رمضان مبارك


Ramadan is the 9th month of Muslim “Hijri” (هجري) calendar . It’s a time where Muslims seek to attain higher standards of morality and virtue, not only abstaining from food and drink, but also from impure thoughts, quarreling, offensive words, and all other impurities of the mind and soul.

Moroccan Ftour during Ramadan


Traditions vary depending on culture and region, but adult Muslims all over the world (who are not sick, pregnant, or otherwise exempt) fast during daylight hours and break their fast at sunset with a meal known as “Iftar” (اإلفطار). This meal is usually eaten with family, friends, or community members. The Iftar often begins with dates and milk, as was the custom during the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

Before the sun rises, Muslims take part in another family meal called "Suhur" (صحور). This meal is the last opportunity to eat before the fasting of the day begins. The time for Iftar and the time to start fasting are announced through the cries and call to prayers that come from the mosque.


The streets are usually fairly quiet during the day until 17:00 or so, when everyone starts to prepare for Iftar, called "Ftour" (فطور) here in Morocco. Most families in Morocco eat dates, Moroccan Harira soup, and a mixture of sweet and savory foods for the meal. A mixture of seasonal juices, as well as the traditional chebekia (شباكية) sweets.


Click here for more information about the Ramadan program at Qalam wa Lawh!

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