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Qalam wa Lawh Programs

Arabic students after the completion of a study abroad program


Qalam wa Lawh offers a variety of Arabic language study abroad programs for all types of students and learners. Available programs allow students to study anywhere from two weeks to a year-long program. Students can also choose their preferred level of intensive study, ranging from 06 hours per week to 30 hours per week, depending on the program. 


Read below to learn about all the various options and program offerings. 


Arabic Programs 

The main goal of Qalam wa Lawh’s Arabic programs is to provide courses and activities that help students of all walks of life gain familiarity with the Arabic language through instruction, communication, and immersion. Each program offers a different style of learning, and students are invited to learn more about each program and choose the one that will best fit their needs. 


Intensive Arabic Courses 

Intensive courses are offered year-round at a rate of either 20 or 30 hours per week. One course session takes four weeks, with start dates every two weeks. Through this Arabic program, students place into small group courses with a maximum of ten students per class. In addition to the top-notch Arabic instruction students receive on a daily basis, students are invited to take part in extra on-campus tutoring, as well as cultural immersion activities and excursions. Students who choose this program are also welcome to reside in one of Qalam’s housing options.

Learn more about Intensive Arabic Courses >>  


Evening Arabic Courses 

Qalam wa Lawh also offers Arabic courses in the evenings, for students who live or work in Morocco and do not have time for intensive group courses during the day. These courses are intensive, after-work sessions geared towards professional foreigners and Moroccans alike looking to improve their Arabic. Courses are offered in both Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic. Tutoring is also available for students of this program.

Learn more about the Evening Program >>


Arabic Courses for Children 

Qalam wa Lawh welcomes students of all ages! Arabic courses for children take place on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings for children living in Morocco to get more practice with Modern Standard Arabic. Courses include homework assistance, as well as activities, stories, songs, discussions, and games to keep students attentive and engaged.

More details about Arabic Courses for Children >>


Study Abroad Programs 

Study Abroad Programs at Qalam wa Lawh are geared towards students who come to Morocco to learn the Arabic language, experience Moroccan and Arabic cultural immersion, and receive academic credit. All study abroad programs include the option for intensive courses and cultural activities, as well as an array of Area Studies courses that cover a range of culturally relevant topics. These programs are also customizable for groups. 


Arabic Semester Program 

Qalam wa Lawh’s Arabic Semester Program is an academic program that lasts 14 weeks. Students may choose to join the Fall or Spring semester. The program includes an immersive Arabic semester with one short break in the middle, access to high-quality tutoring and student advisors throughout the duration of the program, and the opportunity for cultural activities, weekend trips, and educational excursions.

Find out more about Qalam’s Semester Abroad Program >>

Arabic Programs
Study Abroad Programs
Students learn Arabic while studying abroad foi a semester n Morocco

Summer Intensive Arabic Program 

For students looking to study Arabic abroad during their summer break, Qalam’s Summer Intensive Arabic program is the perfect choice! There are four summer study abroad sessions every year, each of which is four weeks long. Students are welcome to stay for several of the sessions consecutively to increase their Arabic immersion experience and take advantage of the intensive Arabic courses.

More details about Summer Study Abroad in Morocco >> 


Winter Intensive Arabic Program 

During the months of December and January, students can join the Winter Intensive Study Abroad program. Because of Rabat’s temperate climate, most of Qalam’s cultural immersion and social engagement activities continue year-round without interruption. The Winter Program is an opportunity for students to take part in these immersion activities and spend their winter break improving their language skills in intensive Arabic courses.

More details about Winter Study Abroad in Morocco >> 



Customized and Faculty-Led Programs

Qalam also offers the option for groups to create their own study Arabic abroad experience (i.e., university groups, embassies, or companies). Qalam can provide a range of courses, classrooms, activities, and materials depending on the interest of the program. 

More details about Customized and Faculty-Led Programs >>


Other Programs 

As an international Arabic language school, Qalam is centered around Arabic language education and the exchange of various cultures. As part of this goal, Qalam also provides programs for educators who want to learn to teach Arabic. 


Arabic Teacher Training Program 

Twice a year, Qalam opens its doors to 30 Arabic teachers-in-training for a free course regarding how to teach Arabic as a foreign language. The training takes place every Saturday for 10 weeks and helps Arabic teachers that go on to teach at Arabic centers and schools around the world. 

Learn more about the Arabic Teacher Training Program >>

Other Programs
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