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Qalam wa Lawh hosts more than 1000 students from all over the world every year. Each student brings a different perspective to the Arabic program, helping promote the inter-cultural and global nature of the center. Below, you can hear from some of these hard-working and international students about their experiences at Qalam!

Student Reviews of Qalam wa Lawh's Arabic Study Abroad Program​


"I had an amazing experience at Qalam wa Lawh. From the incredible profesors and staff to the overall cultural experience they give you at this educational center, I was thoroughly impressed. I hope to be able to return in the future and expand on my knowledge of Arabic culture and language."

- Tori Volland


"There were things I struggled with particularly with Arabic, especially with regards to grammar. However,  I was ableto work with the excellent teachers at  Qalam to address them and I am now far more confident as a result. The coursework at the school is rigorous, yet it is well-taught by experienced teachers. It is clear that a month or two at Qalam will do wonders for your spoken language, be it FusHa or Darija.  Could not recommend more, to the extent that I went back a second time! I would especially recommend teachers Abdulaziz Akhmin and Chadia Al-Ibrahimi were incredibly professional and I thank them for the impact they have had on my Arabic ability." - Jake Figg


"Qalam wa Lawh is a very good school to learn Arabic or Darija. The classes and programs/trips are very well organised. I would definitely come back to the center to improve my Arabic. I am also very grateful to have met so many good teachers. They helped me a lot. Shoukran bzaaf!" - Najib Bardid


"Recommend! Very good teachers, nice atmosphere, a lot of activities to improve your arabic!"- Emanuela Simone


"‎As part of an Arabic immersion program through my work, I spent four weeks at Qalam wa Lawh and it was a wonderful experience. The host family was very accepting and generous and I highly recommend anybody looking for immersion programs to use Qalam wa Lawh in حي سويسي in Rabat.‎" - Ben Phelps


"The atmosphere in the school is always really friendly and welcoming.  It is a great place to study Arabic, not just because of the atmosphere but also because of the excellent facilities.  I really have nothing critical to say; there are the usual challenges facing any language school; but overall it is the best language school I have ever studied at.  Thank you so much for making my time here so pleasurable and rewarding.  It has not just been a highly educationally positive experience, but also great fun."  - Matt Jones


"I really enjoyed my time and can happily recommend the school to anyone.  The enthusiasm of all the staff and teachers are not only a fabulous background for the learning experience but really made this place feel like a home away from home!  Thanks for everything!"

- Sarah Swhwepcke

"During my stay at Qalam center, I made enormous progress in my writing and speaking in Arabic. The programs were flexible and I have received a privileged education with great flexibility in the program (private lessons). The teachers are wonderful and there is always someone available for additional help. My teacher was wonderful and helped me to understand the cultural aspects of the city of Rabat!"

- M.C

"The thing I am most pleased by is the quality of the teaching and instruction.  The teachers are excellent and motivated.  I also enjoyed my tutoring sessions.  I liked the fact that the teaching and tutoring staff encouraged the use of Arabic outside of the classrooms."  - Kris L.


"Thanks for everything and I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to learn from such knowledgeable enthusiastic teachers.  You all were great and I'm very pleased to have chosen Qalam wa Lawh." - Xac Karman

"I loved my experience at Qalam Wa Lawh. It is in such a beautiful/ safe environment that allows students the opportunity to grow and succeed. The professors are amazing and available to you at any time. The staff is wonderful and are always willing to help better your experience in any way they can. I would go again if I had the chance." - Katie Rose

"I had a great experience here! The teachers are really experienced and professional and my home stay was wonderful! The food at The center was really convenient and the other students were also a pleasure to talk to! This is a great center for anybody looking to further their arabic studies, and I could not recommend it more." - Lorenzo Greenbaum

"I had the best time in here. The teachers know well how to explain Arabic to international students and the courses are very well organised. The staff is ready to help you anytime. The student residence is perfect in the centre of Rabat and you can reach it easily from every part of the city. If you are in doubt about were study arabic abroad, just choose Qalam!" - Giacomo Pietro Lamborizio

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