Prospective students at Qalam wa lawh qualify for a number of discounts and scholarships.



All former students at Qalam wa Lawh qualify for discounts, as do groups or organizations that study at Qalam wa Lawh together. For students staying 4 weeks or more, a discount is also available. More detailscan be found below. 


Alumni Discount .....................................  15%

15% discount on all tuition

Group Discount (4+ students) .............  15%

15% discount on all tuition for groups of 4+


Long Term Study Discount.....................  5-15%

05% off all tuition costs for lengths of 4+ weeks of study

10% off all tuition costs for lengths of 8+ weeks of study

15% off all tuition costs for lengths of 12+ weeks of study


Qalam wa Lawh Scholarships


Ibn Battuta Merit Scholarship for Peace & Diplomacy

This generous merit-based scholarship rewards future diplomats and peacemakers for excellence and dedication to the study of the Arabic language.  > more details


Outside Funding

Students should also feel free to use outside scholarships and funding for their study and stay at Qalam wa Lawh. Qalam accepts university scholarships, government grants, and any official funding that students can find. Below are just some examples of scholarships students can apply for and use, but feel free to use anything else that you can find! We wish you the best of luck! 


1. Boren Scholarships: Boren Scholarships are for U.S. citizens and can be used for summer programs, semester abroad programs, or even long-term study programs.  

2. Critical Language Scholarships: These scholarships are for U.S. citizens studying particularly critical foreign languages – including Arabic.  

3. Global Study Awards: These grants are for students from the UK and seek to promote intercultural understanding and tolerance. 

4. FLAS Fellowship for Graduate Students: FLAS stands for Foreign Language and Area Studies, and this scholarship aims to help U.S. students in higher education institutions improve their language and cultural education abroad. 

5. NSLI-Y Scholarships for High School Students: NSLI is the U.S. government language initiative. The NSLI-Y program targets high school-age students who want to study a language abroad at an earlier age. 

6. Global Study Awards: This merit scholarship worth £10000 is for students who have passed the IELTS test via the British Council and are looking to promote intercultural dialogue and tolerance. 

7. International Mobility Aid: Under certain social criteria, this aid allows support for entrepreneurial students study abroad for a period between 2 and 9 months, paid for by higher education institutions. 






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