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Arabic student volunteer in Morocco

Since 2007, Qalam wa Lawh students have had the opportunity to volunteer in Morocco and participate in short to long-term projects serving the community. As the capital of Morocco, Rabat is home to many NGOs, government organizations, embassies, and multinational corporations. 

Rabat is a large, sprawling city, interconnected with smaller neighboring communities and villages. It is home to many of the nation's marginalized communities such as refugees and immigrants seeking employment and other opportunities in Morocco.

Qalam’s students have the opportunity to volunteer through Qalam wa Lawh’s programs and contacts through the Volunteering Club, through organized groups, or on an individual placement.  

Why Volunteer in Morocco?

In addition to taking part in Qalam’s language courses and cultural activities, students are invited to volunteer while studying in Morocco. Volunteering in the Rabat area is a good way to give back to the local community, help others, and practice your Arabic in a different setting along the way.

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لا توجد منشورات بهذه اللغة حتى الآن

Make a difference

Over the past few decades, NGOs and volunteers in Morocco have played a central role in serving the community, providing job training, combating illiteracy, and assisting people in difficult situations. Students interested who volunteer in Morocco have the chance to make a lasting change in any number of fields, including education, cleanup, community engagement, or even health care. 


Gain new skills

By volunteering in and around Rabat, not only will you improve your language through experiential learning and service activities, you will also gain new life skills, cultural competency, and global awareness. These new perspectives often leave students with a refreshed sense of the world and an enlightened outlook on their own lives back home. 


Build lasting connections and friendships

Volunteering provides for a positive environment to immerse yourself in the local community, exchange ideas, and make lasting connections and friendships. Because all language students at Qalam wa Lawh study for at least two weeks, volunteering around Rabat offers the opportunity for students to become part of the community. 

Volunteer Program Highlights

​Some of the best parts of our volunteering in Morocco program include the following: ​

  • Experience the cultural melting pot that is Morocco

  • Lead enrichment activities for youth

  • Volunteer in Rabat and neighboring cities

  • Volunteer with reputable organizations

  • Possibility for individual or group placement

  • Dedicated community coordinator for support and assistance

  • Transportation to and from volunteer activities is provided for school-sponsored projects

Arabic students visit a home for Moroccans with cancer

Participation in School-coordinated Projects

Volunteering, service activities, and experiential learning are the cornerstones of Qalam wa Lawh Arabic language center.  It is through them that students can build connections with the local community, practice Arabic in authentic settings, and live first-hand experiences that help them understand the Arabic community and culture in Morocco.

Qalam wa Lawh students have the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities at various NGOs in Rabat and during their scheduled Weekend Trips around Morocco (Tangier, Chefchaouen, Marrakech, etc.).

  • Students plan and prepare for each activity in collaboration with their teacher.

  • Volunteer activities are included in the course syllabus.  Each activity includes 5-15 students.

  • Students prepare collaboratively for each activity as a group: they learn about the organization, prepare supplies, and distribute roles.  When needed, students schedule pre-visits to the organization to meet the staff and prepare the activity.

  • Qalam wa Lawh provides transportation to and from the activity.

  • Students discuss the activity during the next class and follow-up actions are planned accordingly.

Independent Placement in Volunteer Projects

Volunteer placement seeks to match Qalam wa Lawh students' interests and competencies with the needs of reputable organizations serving the community at large. Volunteer placement is based on the student's interests, availability, and excepted duration of the placement.  


Once organizations respond to volunteer placement requests and provide possible placement options, the student is presented with full details of the potential assignment along with location, description, and duration of the project.  Once a match is made, the student and the organization communicate directly to make further arrangements.


During the assignment, students receive logistical and language support at Qalam wa Lawh and are welcome to take language courses if necessary.

Note: Most volunteer projects involve daily communication with the community in Morocco. Courses in Colloquial Moroccan Arabic are advised before the assignment.

An Arabic student's independent volunteer project in Rabat

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below you will find some answers to questions we often receive about 
volunteer projects through Qalam wa Lawh.

Can I sign up for an individual volunteer project
before coming to Morocco? 

Yes! In fact, we encourage it! Our team at Qalam wa Lawh needs time
in advance to place each student in the perfect individual volunteer
project that will suit their talents and needs while they are in Morocco.
Contact us at as soon as possible to
create your perfect independent placement project today! 

What are some examples of previous volunteer projects at Qalam wa Lawh? 

Qalam students have taken part in and organized all kinds of different volunteer projects in Rabat. These projects range from translation internships to beach clean-ups to visiting and entertaining elderly cancer patients. Many students like to work with animals and children, so some groups have visited schools, orphanages, and animal shelters throughout Morocco, as well. 

But these are just some examples! We are happy to accommodate any and all ideas and requests for volunteer projects our students may have. 

Do I need to be fluent in Arabic in order to volunteer in Morocco? 

No. Volunteer projects in Morocco are open to all Qalam students, regardless of level. Some of the volunteer activities may be more challenging than others to beginning students, but Arabic teachers will help prepare student for the volunteer project before leaving the school.  

Because students who are interested in individual volunteer projects may be working in Morocco on a more personal and recurring basis, we encourage these students to take part in our Moroccan Arabic (Darija) courses before and during their volunteer placement in Morocco. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep Up to Date with Volunteer Projects

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