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Arabic students particpate in the Moroccan Cooking Club

Clubs provide the opportunity for students to express themselves and their culture and share their talents and experiences. It also provides them with the opportunity to meet and identify the Arabic community closely and integrate themselves through active participation the exchange of experiences and expertise through various projects, according to their abilities. These cumulative projects are student-driven, and students from all over the world work together, bringing their varying skills, talents, and expertise. Students are invited to join current projects or create new ones when they join the clubs. Projects sometimes include members from multiple clubs, working together as a team to achieve their project goal, and finally the outcome of the work is presented to be shared with others at the school, and often online, as well. 

Arts Club

Students writing Arabic calligraphy

Students interested in exploring their artistic expressions and sharing creative works while in Morocco are invited to sign up for the Arts Club. Through the collaborative projects, students in this club call upon their talents to produce artistic works or have the choice to research the culture of traditional arts in Morocco and the Arab world. The Arts Club members are currently working on a project called "Cultural Exchange through the Arts," in which they share their culture through activities including, but not limited to painting, music, literature, henna, literature, dress, etc. Students in the Arts Club are also, of course, welcome to create new projects according to their preferences, and the work can be shared socially, academically, or through media.

Cooking Club

Cooking Club
Students learning to cook Moroccan food

Students passionate about cooking who want to share their passion should join the Cooking Club. Students in this Club create and share culinary experiences through national and international cuisine, both traditional and modern. In this Club, students have the opportunity to research food culture and traditions, introduce delicious food, and present its history, origin, and story to others. One current project with the Cooking Club is the "Culture Through Dishes" project, where students use a recipe  -- either from their home country or one that interests them from another country -- to teach students about a specific culture. The lesson includes a cooking workshop, as well as a presentation about the culture that may include music, traditional dress, and other cultural elements. 

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Volunteering Club

Media Club

Students taking photos

The Media Club is for students interested in producing tangible, helpful, and inspiring articles, videos, and blogs about events and ideas at Qalam wa Lawh and around the world. Coverage through the Media Club includes everything from blog and social media coverage of activities at Qalam to research projects about news stories worldwide. Working with the Media Club can help students create and discover links between their past and present understanding of the Arab world in general and Morocco, in particular, and improve their individual skills in communication, investigation, and research. Students often work on articles and videos related to the project chosen by the members, which may range from projects documenting their pre-judgments about coming to Morocco and, once they've arrived and providing advice and ideas for the art of living, among other projects.   

Volunteering Club

Volunteer in Morocco

This club is for students with humanitarian concerns, who want to give a helping hand and share their energy and abilities with others during their stay in Rabat. Students do this work through projects aimed at targeting some of Rabat and Morocco's biggest problems, which need alternative solutions from different experiences. Working with the Volunteer Club team enables students to gain new skills, make a difference, and build lasting connections and friendships by working together to promote social justice and cross-cultural communication. The Club enables students to facilitate communication with the institutions with which they want to volunteer, providing them with the information and necessary framing to achieve the project goals. The Club also gives students the opportunity to learn about the areas most in need of help. Among the projects the Volunteer Club is working on is the Pedagogy Project, where students provide language and other educational support for children or community groups in need. 

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