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Expats, students, and professionals study Arabic in the evening

Arabic Programs

The Evening Arabic program is geared towards students, professionals, and expats interested in learning, improving, and perfecting their Arabic.  The program is oriented to students of various levels of study and professions and focuses on the integration into the Arab culture, taking into account the fact that many of these people have busy schedules during the day.  It provides them with a suitable atmosphere after their daily activities to acquire communication skills directly by meeting their needs, interests, hobbies, skills, and competencies.  

Qalam wa Lawh offers convenient and affordable evening classes in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Moroccan Arabic, Diplomatic Arabic, and Business Arabic to meet students' professional and personal goals and to improve the use of Arabic in daily and family life, work, and public places.  



Why Offer Arabic Courses in the Evening? 

As the governmental and administrative capital of an Arab country, Rabat is home to an international community of expats, diplomats, and business people of various cultures and backgrounds all working together. With a population of 1.5 million people, Rabat is a hub for foreigners and Moroccans alike who need Arabic for academic and professional reasons. 

There seems to be no other comprehensive and integrated evening Arabic language program in the area that provides an educational series based on self- and collective learning that meets the needs of a range of learners (from beginners to language learners to a skilled practitioner). There is also an urgent need for intercultural communication between people of Arabic culture and those of other international cultures in the context of the exchange of knowledge and usefulness of cultures and the convergence of understanding at all levels.  ​


Evening Arabic Program Courses

The purpose of the Evening Arabic program is to improve students’ Arabic language communication and grammar skills through comprehensive and specialized courses to achieve Arabic fluency quickly. The program works to provide a quality learning environment for students who want to learn Arabic or enhance their communication skills, but do not have time during the day to attend courses. Qalam’s team of highly-trained Arabic teachers – experts in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers – provides an integrated, modern and interactive education for both native and non-native Arabic speakers. 


To accelerate students’ Arabic language skills, classes focus on linguistic, communicative, and cultural competencies and use program vocabulary that considers the students’ life and work in Morocco. This vocabulary will build from a diverse range of texts that focus on everyday Arabic communication but also address common cultural and social issues. Because Qalam’s teachers consider different ways of learning, teaching, and brainstorming, courses take place in bright, spacious classrooms and include active learning strategies and problem-solving. Qalam also provides small group and tutoring assistance to help students progress in their Arabic language abilities as fast as possible. 


Available Courses 

Through the Evening Course program, students can choose one of the following courses: 

  • Modern Standard Arabic 

  • Moroccan Arabic 

  • Business Arabic 

  • Diplomatic Arabic


Final Evaluation 

The student’s success in a class, and their ability to advance to the following level, rests on the final evaluation at the end of the 10-week session.  

Evening Program details 

Below you can find all remaining information regarding program dates, prices, and hours. 

Evening Arabic students in class

Program Length and Dates 

Classes are in 10-week sessions, with a total of 30 hours of class time. 

Students meet at Qalam wa Lawh for class twice a week. Students can choose between Monday and Wednesday evenings from 18:00 to 19:30 or Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 18:00 to 19:30, for a total of three hours per week.  

Sessions and class schedules 

Sessions are offered as follows: 

  • Autumn Session: 14 Oct 2019 - 20 Dec 2019

  • Winter Session: 6 Jan 2020 - 13 March 2020

  • Spring Session: 23 March 2020 - 29 May 2020

Choice of course dates

1. Monday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:30 

2. Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00 to 19:30 


Students’ level is determined by a placement test. There are six levels. 

  • Beginner 1

  • Beginner 2

  • Intermediate 1

  • Intermediate 2

  • Advanced 1

  • Advanced 2

Potential Students 

This program targets professionals living in Rabat who are interested in learning Arabic from native speakers but do not have time to do so during the day. Students are often one of the following: 

  • Expats living and working in the Rabat area 

  • Professionals: administrators, executives, diplomats 

  • High school and college students who need to improve their Standard Arabic Proficiency ​​


For the entirety of the session (30 hours over a period of 10 weeks), the price is 2625 DH. 


Download this session's Evening Arabic Course flyer here!

How to Register 

To register, please contact us by phone at 05 37 68 38 66 
or visit us at 22 Ave Omar Ibn Alkhattab, Agdal, Rabat, Morocco. 

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