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Arabic Language Cafe: Celebrating holidays; their role in renewing relations and protecting identity

14 November 2019

Moroccan tradition as discussion at Cafe

Every people of the earth have celebrations – national celebrations, religious celebrations, or general carnivals. In Morocco, each celebration has a social and cultural role, such as preserving the values of solidarity, synergy, fraternity and compassion among the members of the society, which strengthens the social cohesion and preserve the civilized and cultural character of the Moroccan nation.

Authenticity, heritage, identity and belonging can only be achieved through strong adherence to indigenous and local customs and traditions and their true practice because customs and traditions are moral cases with deep spiritual roots in people's psychology and cultural and social values. We will address the issue of celebrations and its role in cultural and social identity through the following points:

Moroccan tradition as discussion at Cafe

- The role of holidays in maintaining social ties

- The relationship between customs and traditions celebrating the values ​​of civilization and the identity of social relations

- The causes and consequences of abandoning the richness and diversity of local festive customs on society

For more information or to attend the event, please visit the Arabic Language Cafe Page.

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