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Arabic studens enjoying their lunch on the terrace on a sunny day

Student Life

The Qalam wa Lawh experience depends on full immersion both inside and outside of the classroom. Through Qalam’s activities and opportunities, students from around the world are able to take part in cultural workshops, Moroccan sightseeing, and extra language practice every day of the week! Read below to find out all the many options students have during their time in Rabat. 

Where You'll Study  

All classes take place at our fully-furnished urban campus. The school is equipped with over fifteen classrooms, a restaurant, a library, and conference rooms (and a grand terrace in the works!). 

Take a look at the Campus page to have a look at our facilities! 


Qalam wa Lawh also provides housing opportunities for students. Qalam offers housing in student residences, with single, double, or triple rooms. Qalam also partners with more than 150 host families throughout Rabat who are happy to host students of all backgrounds and cultures. Lastly, there are a select few studio apartments within walking distance of Qalam perfect for

a couple or small families who want a little more privacy. 

Visit the Housing page to find out more about living options while you take your Arabic classes. 



The Qalam cafeteria, open throughout the day every weekday,

serves as both a café and restaurant for Qalam students.

Students can partake in assorted breakfasts, a traditional

Moroccan plate of the day for lunch, and coffee, tea, juice,

or snacks throughout the day.

Check out what all the Qalam Café has

to offer on the Campus page


Because of Qalam wa Lawh’s convenient Agdal location, students have a multitude

of choices for meals and snacks within walking distance.  

For traditional Moroccan food, students should look no further than the famous

Chez Ouazzani restaurant, just a few blocks away from the Center, currently has a selection

of Turkish food, Mexican food, American food, shawarma, and sushi! 

Further, into the heart of Agdal, about a 10-15 minute walk, students will also find more

fast food options, as well as a Starbucks! 

Friday couscous made fresh in the Qalam Cafeteria

Life in Rabat 

Because of Rabat’s reasonable size and temporal climate, most students find Rabat incredibly pleasant and livable. The capital city of Morocco, Rabat has a solid infrastructure and is generally considered the safest city in all of the kingdom. Qalam’s central location also allows students easy access to Rabat’s host of historical and cultural sites – many of which are visited during Qalam’s cultural immersion excursions


Students also gain first-hand experience with Moroccan cuisine and daily life, choosing from a multitude of local public transportation options, restaurants, and shops! 


Cultural Activities 

Full immersion includes so much more than Arabic language classes. That’s why Qalam wa Lawh offers a host of cultural and language activities to help students use their language skills in more new environments and to give students a sense of the real Morocco. Qalam’s range of activities has something for everyone! Read below to learn more! ​

Arabic students visit sites in Rabat

Featured Posts

Live the Language 

Students are able to experience on a more personal, daily level by living with a Moroccan host family or by signing up to practice with a Language Partner. The weekly Arabic Language Café hosted in the Qalam Café also allows students to use their language skills in a relaxed setting. | More information about the Arabic Language Cafe 


Experience the Culture 

Qalam provides a wealth of occasions for students to get more hands-on experience with the Arabic language and culture, as well. Faculty and staff lead class-wide and school-wide excursions to local Rabat sites and museums, take students to see other regions of Morocco on weekend trips, and hold Moroccan cultural workshops like cooking and Arabic calligraphy.  ​

Arabic students visit the Amazigh Cultural Center

Get Involved 

Other opportunities for students at Qalam to get involved with the local language and culture include a variety of Academic Clubs and volunteering opportunities. Students can join teacher-led clubs that focus on a specific topic and meet once or twice per week (i.e., Arts, Media, Cooking) or take part in group or individual volunteer projects to give back to the local Rabat community.  
Learn more about Academic Clubs
Learn more about Volunteering in Morocco


Visit the Cultural Activities page to learn more about Qalam’s immersion opportunities! 

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