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Students study Arabic for specific purposes

As students advance in their Arabic fluency, their needs evolve. Arabic for Specific Purposes (ASP) classes are designed to meet the needs of these advanced learners. With ASP courses, students can choose an area of specialization specific to their language goals. ASP courses are geared towards language mastery and maintenance. The courses are ideal for Intermediate-High through Advanced learners.  These courses are typically offered as private courses.

Media Arabic material

A course focusing on Arabic used in journalism and media. Primarily communicative, courses sources include newspapers, magazines, and international blogs. Learn more about the Media Arabic courses >>


Quranic text for Quranic Arabic
Arabic literature text

A course focusing on Arabic literature; from pre-islamic poetry to contemporary works of fiction. Find out more about Qalam's Arabic Literature course >>

Diplomatic Arabic program leads to collaboration

Ideal for researchers, this course assists in the deciphering and comprehension of very old Arabic manuscripts and research materials. A course focusing on the grammar and vocabulary necessary to comprehend the content of the Arabic Qu'ran and other Islamic texts. Learn more about the Classical Arabic program >>

Qalam’s Diplomatic Arabic program allows ambassadors, diplomats, and diplomats-in-training to benefit from specified and targeted Arabic practice. Through these courses, Arabic teachers prepare students both socially and politically. Check out the Diplomatic Arabic program >>

Busiess Arabic classes lead to success in the business world

Qalam’s Business Arabic program helps students learn important business terminology and skills necessary for their continued success in working in the Arab world. Find out more about the Business Arabic program >>

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